UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa .– Penn State University Press has unveiled its Fall / Winter 2021 Catalog, featuring new general interest and scholarly books in the fields of musical history, literature, history of art, religious studies, rhetoric and communication, medieval and modern studies. , current events and more.

Notable upcoming tracks include Kenneth Partridge’s “Hell of a Hat: The Rise of ’90s Ska and Swing,” an inside look at a musical moment where plaids and “skanking” (reggae and ska dancing) were king; and “A Jewish Bestiary: Fabulous Creatures from Hebraic Legend and Lore” by Mark Podwal, with colorful illustrations and tales. The catalog also includes the next titles of Graphic Mundi, the brand of graphic novels of the press, including “The Odyssey of Hakim, book 1: From Syria to Turkey”, the first in a series of graphic novels by Fabien Toulmé recounting the struggles of a young Syrian refugee.

Scientific highlights include “Deplorable: The Worst Presidential Campaigns From Jefferson To Trump” by Mary E. Stuckey, Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Communication at Penn State University; “The Subtle Subtle: Hidden Meanings in Literature and Life”, a lively examination of the history and effects of double meanings by renowned rhetorician Laurent Pernot; “Catherine of Aragon: Infanta of Spain, Queen of England”, a new biography of the modern queen by Theresa Earenfight; “A Look at Trauma: A Toolkit for Clinicians”, which combines 12 models of trauma treatment with innovative comics; and, from Eisenbrauns, a memoir by prolific biblical archaeologist Seymour “Sy” Gitin titled “The Road Taken: An Archaeologist’s Journey to the Land of the Bible.”

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Last updated on May 26, 2021