Regardless of the criticism they get from strangers on the internet, Lil Uzi Vert and JT are going strong. The couple have often defended their romance against trolls, but the negativity hasn’t stopped them from bragging and showing love to each other. They reportedly received matching tattoos of each other’s names, and Boosie Badazz weighed in on the couple’s progress during an interview with VladTV.

“My first daughter that I was with for nine years, ten years, probably more than that, me and she have matching tattoos,” Boosie said. “We have a musical symbol here, but I don’t have a girl’s name on me.” He added that if someone gets their partner’s name tattooed, they “might as well go get married.”

Vlad wanted to know what Boosie’s tattoos symbolized and after taking a brief tour of his body art the couple discussed Uzi’s $ 24 million diamond he allegedly “implanted” in his forehead. .

“I don’t know, you put a $ 24 million diamond on your head, you must have $ 250 million,” Bossie said. “I feel like if you didn’t it was a mess. There are too many people in families who have a hard time coming out of shit like this if you don’t really live like this. I don’t know what he got, I’m just saying, if it was like that, I feel like – because $ 24 million you spend that, nobody in your family should, everything. the world in your family should basically live like you. “

Vlad added that he had researched Uzi’s net worth and that it would be $ 20 million. Boosie said if that’s true, and if Uzi really spent all that money on his diamond, then he’s in debt.

Check out the clip below.