Do you dream of starting your own business, but you lack the money to finance your plans?? Running your own business can be very expensive, especially in the first stages of its operation. Not all of us can have enough funds to finance the start of our business. The solution can be a loan for companies from the first day of operation. Thanks to it, we can gain enough funds to go our own way and enjoy developing our passions and being independent.

Credit to companies from day one – is it possible?

 Credit to companies from day one - is it possible?

Getting a loan for a new business is not as easy as it may seem. People who just want to start their adventure with running a business must be patient. Most banks offer loans to companies that have been on the market for at least six months and can boast of good financial condition and regular income. In addition, account statements and a tax declaration for the previous year are also necessary. Newly created enterprises cannot provide all these documents. What about this situation? Is it possible to get a loan that will finance the opening of a new business?

If you have a good business idea, you can count on a loan. All you have to do is figure a little bit and look carefully at the banks’ offers. Traditional banks are reluctant to grant loans to inexperienced entrepreneurs, and if they are not already favorable offers. You can count on a loan for companies from the first day of operation in private loan companies. Look for a reliable company that offers this type of loan and apply. Loans in such places do not require the completion and delivery of so many documents and it is easier to get money there that will be used, for example, for the purchase of equipment for companies and rental of premises. Such an injection of cash can greatly facilitate business development in the first stages of its existence and give it a chance to grow.

Documents necessary to receive a loan

Documents necessary to receive a loan

To get a business start loan, you need to prepare some basic documents. You may need a business plan that proves to a financial institution that our business idea has a chance of success. In addition, you need to collect basic documents such as an identity document, company founding documents such as confirmation of reporting to the Central Register of Information on Economic Activity, confirmation of issuing the NIP number and REGON number.